Target Market / Who can benefit?

Property management entrepreneurs:

Entering the property management market while exciting, is often not an option given the immediate challenges faced by prospective entrants.

Financial constraints and administrative support are typically the initial, and primary, hurdles prospective entrants face and few seldom progress as a result.  ZenTeq, with our affiliate partners, are able to offer tailored solutions and support and so circumvent these challenges providing both the seed capital and professional support needed to effectively and holistically manage your community schemes.

Existing Managing agencies:

For many managing agents taking their business to the next level is extremely difficult. Balancing economies of scale, staffing, scalability of the business, and most importantly profitability, can be both challenging and daunting. ZenTeq offers an immediate, cost effective alternative to address these challenges enabling you and your business to seamlessly catapult to the next level easily navigating said challenges.

Rental agents:

Agents contemplating an entry to the community scheme management, or even rental management market, are often confronted by a profitability and know-how barriers; ZenTeq is well placed to support your immediate entry providing all technical and administrative capabilities and support allowing you to convert your relationship to an income generative service offering.

Facility management companies

Facility management companies are ideally placed to consider expanding their capabilities to include property management and related capabilities. ZenTeq offers an immediate option to include said offering(s) providing not only the administrative support and know-how, but a scalable solution to incorporate in said capabilities and offerings to the market.

Large community schemes:

ZenTeq is ideally placed to support large community schemes with existing onsite management capabilities with the administrative support typically outsourced or insourced at heightened cost. ZenTeq can assist you with a solution tailored to your particular scheme, delivering excellent service whilst being cost effective.